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X-men Dark Phoenix Trailer is here & whats next after Fox – Marvel Merger

Marvel sold many characters to other studios when they were deep debt. Sony pictures webbed Spider-Man to their studios & Fox studios bagged X-men characters. With eleven films released X-men film series is 6th highest grossing film series, First X-men movie released in 2000 and Wolverine have a special place in hearts of fans.

After X-men last stand time line was changed in X-men First class and following movies are like prequel to X-men trilogy. In 2016 X-men Apocalypse release and got mixed reviews. Now the next instalment X-men Dark Phoenix getting ready to hit the screen by February 2019 and official trailer released today
X-men Dark Phoenix Trailer below:

Game of Thrones fame Sophie Turner playing lead character Jean Grey and she’s the most powerful characters of X-men cinematic universe. As already heard, Disney take overs Fox studios and merger will happen early 2019 and news are coming around marvel cinematic universe (MCU) & X-men cinematic universe is going to merge. If this news is true Dark phoenix will be last film in this series and upcoming The New mutants happens in new time line.

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