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Amala Paul & VJ Ramya Lip-lock

Aadai upcoming movie featuring Amala Paul in lead role and her nude pose in teaser gone viral. Traile of this movie was launched yesterday by actor / director Anurag Kashyap. Trailer potrays Amala paul as a tom-boy character and she hangs out with her set of friends and most of the shot in trailer she’s with her team.

Actually trailer was expected to have controversial content like one in teaser but on a glance trailer didn’t have such. But later on a freeze frame shot one of the scene in the trailer features Amala Paul & Vj Ramya lip-lock. The still of the same going viral and trending the social media.

First the teaser and now the trailer creating interest about the content of the movie among youngsters. Movie slated for July 19 release, directed by Meyaadha Maan fame Rathna Kumar.

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